our story.

our story.

We know full well how busy life can get but equally how important it is to eat well and nourish your family. The term “Eat a Rainbow” was a way our parents and grandparents raised us, by eating a range of naturally colourful food and a diet plentiful of fruits and vegetables. It is a value that has long stuck with us, now as chefs and parents we pass that onto our children.

Our mission is to help families nourish their loved ones by producing a range of healthy and wholesome pre-made meals created with naturally colourful ingredients – in a way that is convenient for you.

Full with nutritiously balanced goodness, the meals are also perfect for kids, grandparents, busy professionals and students. They are also a great option for a snack or for those wanting to manage their portions.

Nourishing meals

Our meals are handmade by commercially trained chefs, with our leading chef holding over 20 years’ experience as a head chef. As parents too we know how to sneak in those extra veggies and create meals that were filling, affordable and most of tasty and nutritious. The meals have also been approved by a Nutritionist. We don’t add any extra sugar or salt to our Classic range meals, though some of our base ingredients contain these (such as milk and cheese), making them perfect for younger children over 12 months. 

Our Seasonal Specialty range has a changing menu that celebrates each seasons produce. The recipes are created by our chefs in collaboration with our Nutritionist and add a bit of luxury while offering you a nutritious meal. 

Our meals are made with quality ingredients and are frozen fresh to hold in the goodness, ready for when you need them.

Our environment

To help care for our environment is important to us, that is why we have chosen to use environmentally conscious plant based packaging for our meal trays. The environment is more important than our bottom line. Our food scraps are also joyfully munched up by local piggies and we put the effort in to drop off our own recycling rather than add to landfill.

Heat and you’re away

To eat, simply peel back one corner and heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until piping hot or in the oven for 10 minutes.

Store meals in the freezer – 18 degrees and follow the use-by date.

From our table to yours,

Michelle and Momo @Eatarainbownz

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