our story.

The term “Eat a Rainbow” was something I suggested when working as a maternal and youth Dietitian. “Eat a range of foods that are naturally colourful and as close to their whole form as possible” – It’s a simple message but not always easy.

Seeing families struggle through the concept of good nutrition is tough. That’s what motivated us to share our idea with other families. We wanted to literally bring something positive to the table and help families feed their kids real, wholesome food. Nothing fancy, just food full of the good stuff they need to develop and grow. 

It was important for our meals to be fresh, they had to be full of vegetables, protein and good carbohydrates and had to be affordable. We needed to take cost out of the list of excuses. Nowadays, a healthy meal is often an exception rather than the rule in many households. We wanted to give parents the option to choose a healthy meal for the same price and effort as it is to feed them the cheap takeaway alternatives.

Starting a family of our own helped us see what parents go through in today’s world. Ideally we would all have the time to cook healthy meals for our kids every night. But with many of us heading back to work to help cover living costs we simply don’t have the time, often resorting to the easy, cheap and bland alternative. 

When done right, cooking a meal for your family is the best and most cost effective way to feed them. 

The thing is, cooking seven nights a week is quite big ask for working parents. Our meals are designed to take the pressure off you a few nights a week, enabling you to spend more time with your kiddies before the bath/bedtime rush.  If there is one thing I have come to realise from being a working parent, it is that time is a precious and limited resource when it comes to spending it with your kids.


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