our philosophy


eat naturally colourful foods

Naturally colourful foods are full of all the beneficial nutrients we need at ALL stages of life.

When we are kids our physical and mental development needs to be supplemented by a variety of vitamins and minerals.

When we are adults we need a balanced diet to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle and mind.

As we age we need sufficient nutrients from our diet to help maintain strength and recover from illness.

the breakdown.


Vegetables carry more “good stuff” in them than Mother Teresa. The irony is that our taste buds are “hardwired” to reject the bitter flavours present in vegetables. The good news? Our mind learns to love them the more we eat them.

For kids consistently eating vegetables at meal times gives the impression that it’s normal to have them there (as well as seeing you eat them).  If you find they aren’t eating veges initially, don’t worry, they eventually will, but just in case, we’ve managed to hide a bunch of them in the rest of our meals as well. 

meat & protein.

Meat and protein rich foods like milk and eggs contain lots of good stuff including iron, zinc, vitamin B12, iodine, omega 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These help us build, maintain and repair muscles, skin, bones and tissue.


Yes, pasta, potatoes and rice fall into the often vilified carbohydrate category. Just remember that carbohydrates are your brains main fuel source and wholegrain choices also give us long lasting energy.

milk and cheese.

Dairy foods are best known for providing calcium to help build strong bones. Bones grow rapidly during childhood and deteriorate in old age. As well as calcium, dairy foods provide us with other essential nutrients like vitamin D and B12 for growth and cognitive function.

natures rainbow foods.

orange, red and yellow.

Orange and yellow foods not only help with your eyesight but promote brain development.

green and white.

Green foods promote the generation of good gut bacteria which is essential for a healthy digestive system. They’re also high in iron which helps carry oxygen around the body – important for immunity and developing concentration.

purple and blue.

Red, blue and purple foods are packed full of antioxidants to help build strong, resilient immune systems.

Cook on the nights you can

save the stress on the nights you can't