Ice cream boy

6 reasons your kids devour ice cream and dry retch on their veg.

1) Kids are not the samesies

Firstly, I know it’s hard to comprehend at this stage, but your kid is an actual human. And just like you, they’ll probably like and dislike things for a number of different reasons.  For example, I think hot pineapple on pizza is as gross as getting poo on your hands. And yeah, I do realise there are people out there that are members of the weirdo hot pineapple fan club. But that’s my exact point. We’re different, our kids are too. So don’t get all grumpy bums when you see your mates kids smashing back a bowl of boiled mixed veg. They are probably just a bit different.

2) It’s not your fault. But it kinda is.

Just take it on the chin and admit you took the easy road. They didn’t really need that second marshmallow and definitely didn’t need to watch that 3rd episode of Peppa Pig, but dammit, it was better than that tantrum that was about to erupt back there. And we all know once that sweet sugar cherry has been popped there is no going back. Kinda like that packet of pringles sitting in front of you that’s almost finished. You made your bed, now lie in it. 

Green plant vegetables

3) Veggies are toxic flavoured with a hint of gross.

Our brains are hardwired from birth to reject strong bitter tastes because many toxic substances in nature are super bitter. And to rip your undies a little more, sensitivity to this bitter taste are heightened at crucial phases of life, like when your young or pregnant. (Hence the fact you probably couldn’t stand the smell of vegetables during pregnancy). The sensitivity eventually wears off naturally and if you slowly and consistently offer foods containing that bitter flavour then your kids taste buds will learn to accept it even faster.

4) Your toddler is a recovering addict.

So hands up those parents who have ever tried human breast milk? Firstly, if you have, your gross, and I certainly hope it was yours (or your wife’s). Secondly I can guarantee it tasted like a fluffy with 7 sugars stirred through it?

As you probably know, newborns go batsh#t crazy for the sweet milky goodness oozing from your bosom. So, we can’t really blame them when they start dry retching when they the first try the bitterness of broccoli.

Just like a drug addict they literally need to be weaned off the taste of your breast milk. The more you offer them bitter foods the more likely they will learn to slowly accept it. Like a good mainland cheese, good things take time. Keep at it.

Kid rainbow face paint

5) Your being a negative Nancy

Have you ever judged something based on what you associate it with and not what it actually is. Of course you have.  Take Croc’s for example. Rocking a pair of those bad boys will probably be super comfortable but severely damage your street cred. 

Force feeding kids their veggies, yelling at them for not finishing and not offering them altogether is about as negative as it gets. Don’t let it get to you, and please don’t lose anymore sleep over it. Just make it normal by offering vegetables every time you eat dinner. They will eat it eventually. I promise. If they don’t maybe your kids broken? No bags…

6) You are their idol.

 I know it might be hard to believe sometimes but your kids do love you, and want to be like you. Kids copy parents all the time.

If your not eating your veggies, how can you expect them to. So come on peeps, it’s time to get stuck into some veg with your kids. Who knows, maybe you’ll start feeling better for it too. 

Storm trooper with dad